Each week is its own competition.

3 consecutive weeks.

Pick any week, mix or do all 3.

An Online Challenge with Elite, RX and Scaled divisions. Each week is its own challenge with its own leaderboard and its own prizes.

You can choose to compete in any week, a combo or all 3 weeks.

Live Leaderboards

Our Official Event Software Partner Competition Corner will have live leaderboards throughout the entire three weeks of challenges. With a full 7 days to do the 2 WODs, keep an eye on scores and push yourself past the limits you thought possible.

Record, Post & Validate WODs

We’ve partnered with WODProof to bring you a special environment to record and submit your WOD videos. With giveaways for posting your WOD on IG including the Round Trip Tickets to ANY Sanctioned event of your choice, you have more than a couple reasons to compete!

How it works.


Register yourself

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Download WODProof App

WODProof is our official timing app which means you have access to WODProof Pro for the challenge!

Follow @painkllrevents

We will be releasing WODs on our events Instagram and here on the website.

WODs are released

WODs are released Monday morning at 8am PST. Lace those shoes up and kick it up a notch. Make sure to use the WODProof App to record yourself as we will require leaders on the leaderboard to submit for validation.

Submit your Score

Score submissions are due the upcoming Sunday by 5pm PST. Please have your WODProof video ready should we reach out for validation. Now watch the leaderboard!

Enter the next week

If you want more, enter the next weeks challenge for chances to win more prizes. If you need to get back to your regularly scheduled programming, easy!

The choices you make, make all the difference.

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