PAINKLLR Competitions

We are not for everyone.

We are not fake.

If you think you can't, remember all that you've gone through - You're still standing right?

We are not a hobby.

Our competitions are known to be tough - this is why we are who we are.

We define GRIT.

None of this comes overnight and we love the grind that comes with it. Join the PAINKLLR family.

Upcoming Events


Venice Beach, CA
April 27, 2019


at RCF
July 13, 2019
More Details Soon…
A Competition for Competitors

While others back down from the discomfort, we thrive in it.


We are competitors – but we are all going through this together.

We come Tough.

Plain and simple.


The experience is genuine and real – no filler or fluff.


You earn respect – It’s not your moms comp.